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Every day, we design and create innovative, reliable and technologically advanced products and solutions to ensure the protection and security of our customers and their homes, families and loved ones. We are proud to design and create each product entirely at our own site in ITALY.


Ours is an ITALIAN centre of excellence and a benchmark company in the production of burglar alarm systems where we design and trial security and personal protection solutions on a daily basis. We offer a complete range of anti-theft, video surveillance and fire protection products.

Statement by the President:

LINCE ITALIA S.p.A. works in a domestic and international sector that is constantly evolving and that demands the attainment of standards of excellence in terms of the product, quality, cost and level of service. The success of our Company depends on achieving these standards and on our ongoing commitment to do so. 

Company values:

To attain the standards of excellence, we have defined the following key values:
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimal use of Resources
  • Creation of Value
Our company strongly believes in honesty, transparency and mutual respect. We trust and respect our colleagues and offer them a work environment that is increasingly stimulating, gratifying, motivating and results-oriented; we recognise and appreciate that their contribution - on a human and professional level - is essential to the success of LINCE ITALIA S.p.A.

Quality Policy

The key values described above lie at the heart of the policy of LINCE ITALIA S.p.A., which focuses strongly on the Customer and is expressed in terms of:

Proactivity - anticipating the Customer's expectations, even when these are not expressed;
Conformity - meeting the Customer's needs and expectations;
Improvement -
maintaining the Quality improvement process;
Costs -
offering a product and service that are both cost-effective and competitive;

Diffusion of the quality policy:

The Management of LINCE ITALIA S.p.A. wishes to ensure that the Quality Policy is made known and explained and that it is understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation.

Structure of the organisation:

In order to guarantee the required quality of the products and services and to improve the opportunities for growth and development of the business, the structure of the organisation is formed of six departments: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Administration-Finance, Technical and Human Resources. The organisation also makes use of a widespread network of agencies, warehouses and support centres throughout all of Italy.

Quality, Safety and Environment Management System:

The Management of LINCE ITALIA S.p.A. has developed and keeps up to date a Quality, Safety and Environment Management System based on the Quality policy and organisational framework, pursuant to the applicable legislation and contractual provisions and the regulations of reference adopted by the Company. All of the departments are responsible, insofar as they are able, to observe and apply the operating standards, procedures and instructions of the Quality, Safety and Environment Management System.

Human resources:

As the value of the resources lends value to the system, the Management of LINCE ITALIA S.p.A. wishes to stimulate the open and active participation of personnel in corporate activities to ensure they work to the best of their ability.


All the key processes are monitored and assessed according to the standards of quality of the products and services, improvement, effectiveness and efficiency.

Reappraisal of the Quality, Safety and Environment Management System:

The Management of LINCE ITALIA S.p.A. routinely reappraises the Quality, Safety and Environment Management System for the purpose of checking its suitability, effectiveness and efficiency, ascertaining attainment of the required standards and results, and assessing the risks of non-compliance.

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